You're sick of over-thinking, feeling triggered & unfocused?

Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
This Self Alignment 30 Day Mediation Series will have you feeling calmer, more relaxed and more even-tempered than perhaps you ever have before.
Align with the calm part of you
Show up for yourself every day
Reap the benefits of meditation easily
See the flow on effect to others
Do you overthink?

Do you find it hard to stay present?

Perhaps you're not as calm as you'd like to be?

Or your emotions are up and down?

Or perhaps you're easily triggered by certain people and certain circumstances?


My name is Tracy Secombe.

I'm the founder of Soul Pleaser and over the last 30 days I have run a 
30-day meditation series.

And the results that people have had during and following the series 
have been incredible.

Many of them were dubious about meditation

and some of them knew it would be good for them

but needed the accountability to show up for themselves every day,

or were a little unsure about how to meditate,

had tried it before and found that they had mixed results

& sometimes felt like they just sat there, thinking the whole time.

can you relate? 

These Particular Meditations
are Magical!
THIS 30 Day series will leave you feeling calmer, more peaceful, & more present than perhaps you ever have before 
You may even notice a difference in the people around you without them meditating too.

Click below to download 30 MP3 audio files that you can listen to anytime from your device without the need to connect to Wi-Fi.

Plus a bonus video showing you some gentle movements included in one of the meditations.

Available for a limited time for just $37.

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