The Soul Pleaser Program
A 6-step System of Tools and Support to help you 
Break your Limiting Patterns and Align Fully with your Purpose.
Soul Pleaser Program Testimonials

Sonia's Testimonial

Such an amazing program Tracy - it’s personal coaching that affects not just you but your relationship with those around you & really helps you to live your best life. Plus its really accessible online & you develop a whole new support network. Through my experience in the program l have improved relationships, feel calmer, changed my view about money, really value my role in our business, and really prioritise me. As a result l just have an entirely different outlook on things - for the better! Thanks Tracy Secombe.
Mel's Testimonial
Over the last two years being a member of unlimited joy and completing the soul pleaser course has been a real eye opener for me and I have had great personal growth, although I still have a way to go, I believe that I have the tools and knowledge to continue my journey of self-discovery and happiness.
During my time with your program, I have had a big shift in my mindset, I am no longer concerned about other people’s opinions of me, I am continually trying to live my best life and am happy with the consequences of that.
Thank you for all your amazing work and the support you have given me over the last 2 years. I am very grateful for everything I have learned and the connection I have made to the wonderful ladies in this group.
I am so excited about attending the retreat in August 2022.

Carissa's Testimonial

You create such a warm, welcoming and safe environment. I don’t think you even realise the power that you have to allow people to feel safe and secure. You are the truest form of no judgment that I have ever met in my life. You have come to Earth with a gift and I am so grateful that you have realised this gift and are now helping thousands of people. Thank you for being that safe space when people often think they don’t have one.

Leanne's Testimonial
I was very keen to join ‘From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser’ after watching several of Tracy’s videos.

The biggest change for me has been that I have stopped worrying about what other people think of me.
This used to keep me awake at night.
I am also calmer in a wide variety of circumstances. When I do find myself in the fight/flight/freeze response I know exactly what to do to return to a place of equilibrium.

My favourite feature of the ‘From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser’ Program was actually getting in and doing the workbooks that Tracy has developed.
The work I did really helped me to rediscover who I was and how glorious life is.

A close second to this is the retreat. Working with Tracy in person is a wonderful gift, she holds the space with so much love that it is palpable in the room.

I would recommend ‘From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser’ to anyone who wants to really get in touch with who they truly are.

As a by-product of this work on yourself, you discover a letting go of feelings such as overwhelm and worry.

You develop the ability to say no and stay true to yourself.

Tracy is wonderful to work with.
Her genuine kindness and desire to help others is evident in every single zoom meeting.
Her depth of knowledge and understanding about the topic of discovering yourself is incredible.
Tracy works with pure love for you and acceptance of you.

I truly felt at ease and peace, surrounded by pure love whilst working with her.

Alicia's Testimonial
What an amazing program Soul Pleasers is. It is simply life changing.
When I joined a year ago, I had little self -confidence or belief in myself. I felt that I was never good enough or worthy. I wanted to find self- love, and an inner peace, love and abundance. Through Tracy I have found this and more.
I now know life is FOR me. Absolutely everything. This concept has changed my life. I now don’t worry about things as I know everything will work out how it is meant to be, when it is meant to be. This creates so much peace in my life. This is especially valuable today with the craziness in the world, of COVID19. I look at those around me crazy with fear, worrying but I just keep abreast of the facts I need to know and don’t worry about the rest as I now have inner belief that whatever is meant to be for me, will be.
I now live with love, gratitude, and compassion for myself and all those around me. I now live to BE. To be present in every moment of every day. Not listening to all those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and fears.  I choose now how I feel and react.
Simply put, I am on this amazing journey every day to live my purpose, inspire others and be the best version of myself. I am truly abundant.
Thank you Tracy
Heidi's Testimonial
Hello beautiful Soul Pleasers
On my last call (31st July) Tracy asked about the change in me 12 months after starting the course. I have been thinking about it and thought I would list a few things the soul pleaser course has helped me see/feel/be
During my first chat with Tracy after the webinar, Tracy asked what I wanted. I remember answering "contentment". I didn't feel I fitted in quite right into the many roles and places in my life. Like a puzzle piece that was mostly the right shape but just a little too small.
I have no idea how Tracy could hear a word I said as I cried the entire call. I think it was just my souls way of saying "this is what we need, we have finally found the path"
As I said on the Q&A my confidence has increase 10 fold. I use to struggle to make business and personal phone calls at times. I had no problem with the content of the call, I struggled with initiating it. Needless to say I don't have that problem now.
Confidence is an amazing super power!
I still struggle to make small talk when meeting people but I'm meeting people.
My relationship with the lovely teenagers of the house is so much better. No door slamming or yelling in months, to top that off a couple of "thank you's" every now and then.
I am better able to take constructive criticism at face value and not to the heart.
I can recognise when my reactions are on old loop and not aligned with my soul.
I like my body just as it is and the mean girl who had so much to say about it doesn't talk much any more.
I feel contentment more often than not.
I no longer feeling lost or that I don't fit in my life. My external world hasn't really changed, the way I look at it has. I'm not looking for my why or purpose, I was living it all along.
I still have a way to go but I have come so far in just 12 months.
The extra special bonus of the soul pleaser course I was not expecting was the beautiful souls doing the course with me. I have been so blessed to have met you all. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 💕 Love to you all xx❤️
Heidi x
Angela's Testimonial
Tracy Secombe's Soul Pleaser Course was amazing. Tracy has helped me definitely change some of my habits of being a people pleaser to becoming a Soul Pleaser, and given me the ability to discover real joy in my life. I thought I was quite happy in life but this course has helped me reduce worry and anxiety that I held in my body for my loved ones and myself.  It has improved my relationships and helped me become non-reactive to negative situations and comments. I feel much calmer and more at peace most of the time and I now have an abundance mindset instead one of scarcity, worry and fear. I prioritise myself and look after my physical and mental health much better than I ever have. I once thought looking after yourself was very selfish but in fact if you do this you have more energy to do things you enjoy and have the ability to help others more. I am exercising more and eating more healthy and have lost some weight. I absolutely loved the two amazing retreats that I attended with Tracy and the other beautiful like-minded people, which was such a special part of this course. I absolutely recommend this program if you want to become a better version of yourself and stop any limiting beliefs to live a life of contentment and happiness.
Jacinta's Testimonial
This the most empowering course I have ever done!
Before starting this course, I didn't realise how much "People Pleasing" I was doing on a daily basis...... pleasing my husband, family, friends, business partners....even my cats!! 🙂
That was until I learnt what it really meant to listen to my heart and start "Soul Pleasing" - and wow, the freedom I now feel is so amazing ❤
This has been extremely rewarding and completely life-changing on so many levels, both personally and professionally. It included much honesty, openness and allowing for growth, and really looking deeply within even if it hurt, but also surrounded by so much love and emotion!
I have loved this 12 week journey with the most divine like-minded people and I am looking forward to our ongoing mastermind sessions as we continue to grow and evolve into our amazing true selves ❤
I am So Grateful!!
Caroline's Testimonial
*** In the last 12 months I’ve learned... ***

I’m a 3rd Generation people pleaser. Realising this is learned behaviour, as a child, observing my mother and grandmother. My grandmother, was a matriarch that ruled with selfless love. As an ex-teacher, wife, mum, and building my own creative business compounded this. I would go out of my way to help.... I’m learning to say no… I always felt really guilty if I took time for myself, and have learned that -I am, my priority!

I’ve forgiven childhood bullies, that lived in the street where I grew up (I was 4 or 5) that initiated feelings of low esteem that locked me into a massive ‘fear of rejection’ carried like a millstone around my neck for 50 years, feelings of not being 'good enough', 'smart enough', 'popular enough', 'pretty enough'…this has been such a release, as I genuinely have let it go!

My soul desires & needs to communicate with God/Supreme Being/Universe.

I am beginning to recognise my vibration and spending more and more time on the higher notes rather than bumping along on the bottom (especially in the extraordinary circumstances we are living in, here in the UK)

I’ve developed a meditation practice and write daily ‘morning pages’ for me this is a cross between a diary and journaling.

I am attracting my tribe. Interesting people have crossed my path and now I am developing new friendships.

I’m still not able to cry, but my emotions are unlocking- it’s becoming less of a big issue for me

I am in the right place for my business, (even though it has taken a huge hit over the last 16 months) Every time I think of giving up, I sell something or someone enquires about making something in glass… my creativity is growing.

I’ve been able to let my family go and be who they are meant to be.

Each day I’m a day closer to meeting my 13-month-old granddaughter (in Australia,) for the first time.

I’ve learned that I’m not the only one and there are other women, like me, emerging from whatever has been holding them back, as beautiful, beautiful butterflies.

I am an important/significant person and it doesn’t matter what I think people think of me or if they like me – I don’t like everyone.

I have a list of ‘I am statements’ that I need to speak out every day…

I still haven’t finished the ‘People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser Course’, and have a lifetime to complete it. I don't need to 'beat myself up' about it

It is okay to be me...

Heather's Testimonial
I want to say thank you,  although I haven't been able to participate in the Q&A's due to work commitments the course has been invaluable,  some absolute light bulb moments! Investing in myself has never been something that sat comfortably,  but this experience has shown me it's necessary. It hasn't been easy,  the concept of surrendering and forgiveness I will admit was extremely difficult but worth it for the peace I am now experiencing. I think the grief and anger that resulted from my marriage ending had to happen,  those emotions had to be honoured but it's nice to have come out the other side knowing and accepting the situation for what it is. I love the concept of "feeling how you would feel if you had something " instead of waiting for the feeling you get when something you want is achieved. I did this when looking for my house and hey presto! Whilst my goals of "house, health, hottie" have not all been achieved (crazy,  crazy year!)  I am well on the way to living my best life and now have the tools to achieve that and more than anything actually know it's possible . I can't thank you enough. Big love xx

Diane's Testimonial
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