From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser
A 6-step System of Tools and Support to help you 
Reclaim your Power, Break your Limiting Patterns and Align Fully with your Purpose.
1. Wake up!
In this step you will identify at a deep level – who you people please, when you people please, where it came from, how it started, and all of the different ways that you people please. Your awareness will be expanded to a whole new level because that’s the rise in consciousness that's needed to be able to completely obliterate the patterns that are holding you back. You will shine the light on every bit of people pleasing in your body during this first step. 
2. Surrender
When you surrender, you are going to hand it all up to Love/ Life Force/The Universe/ Your Soul – so that you no longer carry the burden alone or try to figure it all out yourself.  
In this Surrender process there will be a lot of tears, a lot of forgiveness, a lot of letting go of resentment, and you’ll sever the energetic ties to your past.
You will release unexpressed emotions that are keeping you stuck which creates a vacuum to prepare you for step 3.
3. Follow Your Signs
You are innately intuitive and in this step your intuition is going to expand tenfold because you’ve created a vacuum in step 2.  
Abundance in all areas of your life becomes available to you as your frequency raises and you tap into your inner wisdom. 
Connecting with the Source of Creation through many different stillness techniques fills you with inspiration and clarity. 
4. Discover YOU
Then in step 4, you will rediscover who you are, who you really are. And this is by far my favourite step. It’s just so amazing; I’m getting goose bumps thinking about it because there is so much Joy in knowing who you really are. You will feel relief and love for yourself exactly as you are right now without having to change a thing. For many of the women I work with, this is the first time they have truly loved themselves. This changes everything.
5. BE you
And then step 5 is to Be You. So once you’ve rediscovered you and you really know who you are, then all you have to do is each morning when you wake up is be you. And so this just changes everything around you. All of your circumstances change because as you know through the law of attraction it’s all energetic and vibrational so when you’re being the real you, things just fall into place which you must’ve done a little bit because you’ve come to this page. This effortless flow will continue to happen more and more, and you will love how your whole life is serendipitous because everything just falls into place as you be you.
6. Experience Bliss
Once you reach this step you feel joyful like you’re outside of your body joyful. Have you had those experiences where you just feel expanded?  Like when you’re in the ocean and you feel like you’re part of the ocean. 
You will have this absolute appreciation and sense of wonder for the world we live in.Living at this frequency of inner Joy will allow you to effortlessly create the life that you choose, and help others in a way that completely lights you up.

What the Program Includes:

  • Lifetime access to the program content. Each step is delivered in video, downloadable audio, and PDF format, plus a workbook for each step.
  • 12 months membership in a secret Facebook group just for the people who are going through the program. The men and women are in separate groups.This allows you to get support from Tracy and the members of the group.
  • Fortnightly live zoom Q and A sessions. This allows you to ask your own questions and also learn from the other member's questions and answers. The recordings of the Q and A sessions will be available in the Facebook group.